Great Digital Marketing Campaigns

In the growing space of digital marketing, meeting your organisation’s objectives and moving your prospect through the journey to ultimately becoming a raving fan requires time and many actions; we call this sequence of actions ‘campaigns’.

You will have many goals that you will want to achieve and will find that you will meet these objectives through the following campaigns:


In order to bring in new leads you will need to reach out to ice cold prospects.  Structure your campaigns to reach these prospects who are completely unaware of your products or services.


Making the move from awareness to engagement is often achieved by providing value to the prospect.  This can be achieved with consistently focussed video, case studies, blogging, educational how-to content or testimonials, referred to as content and video marketing.


Has your prospect subscribed?  Have they given you their permission for you to market your products or services to them?  They may have engaged with you via social media or may have become an email subscriber.  Subscribe is a very important stage in the relationship because you are now offered the opportunity to continue the conversation.


Transform the prospect into a client, from merely being interested to buying your products or services.  From this point on, your client has placed trust in your organisation which you must continue to build upon throughout the duration of your working relationship.

To run a sustainable and healthy business you need to have well thought out and strategic marketing campaigns taking into account each of the elements listed above. Due to a lack of inhouse expertise, when it comes to marketing campaigns many SME’s struggle to see the bigger picture leaving them feeling frustrated. This is where we can help; from crafting the right content to designing seamless email and social media campaigns, each following a bespoke and detailed strategy developed for your business.

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